I am a Travel Agent

what can LateCards from Net Effect do for me?

Auto update your Website, Facebook & Twitter

LateCards is a travel offers distribution system, designed specifically for independent travel agents and tour operators.
As an agent you get inundated with emails from operators with offers and deals, but even if you had the time to do anything with these what would you or could you do?
Upload the offer to your website?
Send to Twitter?
Post on Facebook?
Create a card for the window?
Make a PDF to hand out to customers?
Show the offer on your in-store plasma screen?

LateCards does all this automatically.

Step 1 - Operators upload deals to LateCards.
Step 2 - You login and select the operators you want to receive deals from.
Step 3 - These offers are then automatically sent to your website and to a 'Holiday              Offers' tab on your Facebook page.
Step 4 - You can also:
Print colour or black & white cards for the window
Print or email PDF handouts
Select 3 offers a day to be timed tweeted and posted to your Facebook wall
Showcase offers in-store on your television screen*
It's really easy and soon you'll wonder what you did without LateCards.

But I don't have a website?

Not to worry we have two options for you.

1. The Net Effect Website Platform - Examples

Where you can showcase thousands of high commission value holidays from scores of operators under your own brand plus integrate LateCards. There are lots of options with the platform; it really is the ultimate website solution for independent travel agents. Prices from £395 set up and a monthly subscription of £100. Less for Advantage members

2. Net Effect Lite - Example

This lite version gives you a four page website fully integrated with LateCards and managed from within latecards.co.uk. Prices from £150 set up and £49 monthly subscription. Less for Advantage members.

For more information please call Net Effect on 020 3086 7502