Tour Operator created offers
auto-posted to Travel Agent
websites & social networks

We've re-invented the Friday afternoon auto-fax of the 80's & 90's. LateCards from Net Effect allows tour operators to create offers & invite agents to auto-post them to their websites and social networks

Simple solution for long suffering Travel Agents

Is updating your website with offers too costly and time consuming? Are you having difficulty understand the role of social media to your travel agency? Both these problems are solved by LateCards from Net Effect. Now with three simple clicks you can choose un-branded operator deals to auto-post to your website, Facebook page and Twitter account, plus you can print them out for the window.

A Huge Problem Solved for Tour Operators

Remember the days of the auto-fax to agents on a Friday afternoon with details of offers for that weekend? Long dead and buried right? Not anymore. LateCards from Net Effect is the 21st Century version. You create the offers, agents post them to their website and social networks to be seen by 000's of customers - make that hundreds of thousands!

What people in travel are saying about Late Cards

I can't wait to get LateCards, it'll sort out so many problems - Agent, Wiltshire

This looks amazing, it'll save so much time - Operator, Kent

Getting offers to customers is my biggest issue, this looks great - Agent, Oxfordshire